Your one stop hose and fittings shop

We specialise in flexible hose and fittings. We assemble all hoses for all applications.



Garden hoses
Aluminium ducting
Silicone tubing
Nylon tubing
Composite hoses
Chemical hoses
Steam hoses
Stainless steel flexible braided hoses
PVC hoses
PVC high pressure hoses
Rubber hoses,e.g. for suction and delivery, of feul, oil, water and air
Rubber air ducting hoses (hot and cold air)
Hydraulic hoses


Ball valves/ Gate valves
Non return valves
Perrot couplings
Hydraulic couplings
Quick couplings for air and water
Swage nipples
Hose joinery
Flange nipples
Stainless steel flanges
Geka couplings
WRE clamps
Bolt clamps
Hose clips
Bauer couplings
Pneumatic fittings
Stainless steel mining nozzles
Bore hole pumps

Should you require a product please feel free to contact us.